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      Shanghai Abram attend the 15th China Clean Expo

      Shanghai Abram attend the 15th China Clean Exp...

      Shanghai Abram attend the 15th China?Clean Expo from 31th of?March to 2th of April

      ABOUT US關于我們
      About Shanghai Abram

      jianlistore http://www.jianlistore.com

      Shanghai Abram Environmental System Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010 and located at Fengjing Industry Estate in Jinshan, Shanghai, is a professional company which serves municipal sanitation, commercial and industrial field. The main products are Italian Dulevo cleansing equipment, the world's top cleaning equipment, German SULO sanitation series, etc. Our market is all over the whole China. Abram, with “Technology changes the environment ” as its philosophy, is always aiming to the future, and providing state-of-the-art products and service for many fields. Our promise and goal is to make health, safty, and friendly to our environment as the premise of everything we do.

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